Books and More

In case you think all we do is eat, fear not: we do have a few other hobbies. For Kristina, one of those hobbies is being part of a book club with a number of friends. Read on for a recent adventure which included books… and you guessed it, food. I’ve always been a big … More Books and More

Through the Tunnel

A close friend of ours recently moved to Hoboken, which gives us a great excuse to take the tunnel into NJ and visit the happening city across the water. With tons of choices along Washington Street, our initial plan was to eat brunch at Amanda’s… but when we arrived it was packed with RSVP’s for the … More Through the Tunnel

Lemon Bread Love

Like most people who bake regularly, we have a few “go-to” recipes for when something sweet is in order. One of them is Lemon Poppyseed Bread, using this recipe from the Joy of Baking. Tangy fresh lemon combined with the texture of poppyseeds and a sweet/tart sugary glaze provides the perfect morning snack. In fact, … More Lemon Bread Love

For the Love of Pork

As residents of the state of New York, we’re always pleased when NY’ers are featured on Chopped– especially when they win! Though many of the chefs work in (or come from) NYC, a recent episode proved that there’s talent throughout the state. We recently reached out to Chef Nicole Mummolo after her victory on the … More For the Love of Pork