Love Chef, Take Two

We were first introduced to Chef Jernard Wells, better known as The Love Chef, back in 2012 after his appearance on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell. We recently caught up with Chef Jernard after learning about his new restaurant in Atlanta, East Wave Fusion. FP: Share with us what you’ve been up to since we … More Love Chef, Take Two

The Love Chef

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell is helping restaurants around the country turn their kitchens around by giving talented chefs the opportunity showcase their skills. Last week’s episode came down to two talented chefs, and despite not winning, Chef Jernard Wells was gracious enough to speak with us about his culinary inspirations and his experience on … More The Love Chef

Catching Up with Chef Wanted’s Nicole Karr

We know we’re not the only ones who were a bit shocked by last Thursday’s episode of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, where talented young chef Nicole Karr (@ChefNicoleKarr) had the unenviable position of competing against someone who had years of experience working for Chef David Burke who was seeking a new executive chef for … More Catching Up with Chef Wanted’s Nicole Karr

Interview with Chef Wanted Winner Bryon Freeze

Chef Anne Burrell’s new Food Network show, Chef Wanted, features chefs competing for Executive Chef positions throughout the country.  It is living proof of the idiom, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” We reached out to Chef Bryon Freeze (@BFreeze) after his victory on the premiere episode of Chef Wanted … More Interview with Chef Wanted Winner Bryon Freeze