Getting Her Grill On

Many would say that summer ends after Labor Day weekend. However, 90 degree temps keep appearing in NY so it still feels like summer to us. We can only imagine that the hot temperatures can’t compare to competing on Chopped Grill Masters, though. Last month, Angie Mar, Executive Chef at The Beatrice Inn, not only … More Getting Her Grill On

Cooking 101

Not sure about you, but we don’t remember the food in our college cafeterias being particularly memorable. After a recent episode of Chopped, it’s clear that students at the College of Charleston are much luckier than we were. Just check out their dining services Instagram page. Recently the college’s Executive Chef, Tonya Mitchell, traded in … More Cooking 101

Sweet Victory

Having attended many C-CAP events over the years, we have first-hand knowledge of Pastry Chef Thiago Silva’s culinary talents. A few weeks ago, Chef Thiago’s skills were put on display during an episode of Chopped on Food Network, where he won the $10,000 prize and earned the Champion title. We reached out to him to … More Sweet Victory

Art in the Kitchen

Each week, Chopped provides unique baskets and backstories on the chefs brave enough to test their skills in the Chopped Kitchen. We recently reached out to Chopped Champion Silvia Baldini to learn about how her Italian upbringing and background as an art director led her to become a professional chef. FP: How did you get … More Art in the Kitchen

Holding Court the Second Time Around

As fans of Chopped, we enjoy both the traditional (if you can call them that!) episodes featuring different chefs from established restaurants as well as the episodes that feature teenagers, mothers, fathers, cops, and firefighters. We also love seeing familiar faces in the Chopped kitchen– remember seeing Laila Ali test her culinary skills? Recently, an episode featured “amateurs” competing for a … More Holding Court the Second Time Around

A Taste of Chopped

Based on our interviews with winners and contestants from the show Chopped, readers know we’re big fans of the show. Like fellow viewers, we often dream about being judges on the show. Who wouldn’t want to taste the food (well, most of the food that is…)?! Recently, we visited Grano NYC in the West Village to … More A Taste of Chopped