Scream for Ice Cream

Even with the chilly temps we’ve been experiencing lately, there’s always room for a little ice cream. Penny Lick Ice Cream Company is a local favorite of ours in Westchester County and we recently reached out to Chef Ellen Sledge, also known as The Ice Cream Lady, to learn about the inspiration behind this sweet … More Scream for Ice Cream

Say Cheese

Half of Foodie Pleasure (Kristina) loves cheese so it was a pleasant surprise that a recent Chopped episode was titled “Say Cheese!” The chefs had to use two types of cheese in each round, and we enjoyed seeing how the the varieties took shape throughout the rounds. As you know, we live and work in NY and … More Say Cheese

Grillin’ Han

Last year, we interviewed Chef Han after his first appearance on Chopped. Han was back at it on a recent Chopped Redemption episode and we caught up with him afterwards. FP: Share with us what you’ve been up to since we last interacted. HH: Since our last interview, I have been planning a few pop … More Grillin’ Han

NY State of Mind

Since we live and work in NY, we can’t help but cheer for Chopped contestants who are either from the area or work in the city or Westchester County… call it a NY bias. In a recent episode, we rooted for Emily Chapman, Sous Chef at David Santos’ Louro. After her victory, we caught up … More NY State of Mind

Slice of the South

As NYers, we tend to think of NYC and its surrounding areas as a food mecca. However, being fans of Chopped, we also know that many cities across the country hold their own when it comes to showcasing their culinary talent and delicious fare. Recently, the city of Nashville, TN was well represented as two local chefs, Garrett Pittler … More Slice of the South