Dumplings Break

Recently, Kristina had a day off in the middle of the week, which meant one thing: time for lunch with a friend! Since we were both busy running errands, we wanted something quick and a little different. We decided on Xi-an Famous Foods, a well-known NYC spot that has grown from a basement stall in … More Dumplings Break

Lunch Break

This fall, Kristina is beginning a new job in Queens which means, among many other things, easy access to a wide variety of delicious food. Here’s her first report from the neighborhood. Last week, while on-site at the new gig for planning and preparation, my team and I were looking for a quick lunch option … More Lunch Break

Through the Tunnel

A close friend of ours recently moved to Hoboken, which gives us a great excuse to take the tunnel into NJ and visit the happening city across the water. With tons of choices along Washington Street, our initial plan was to eat brunch at Amanda’s… but when we arrived it was packed with RSVP’s for the … More Through the Tunnel

Dining at D + N

After a morning of digging and pushing out the car in the aftermath of Nemo, the infamous snowstorm, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Dumpling & Noodle (D+N), a new restaurant in nearby Bronxville, NY. The establishment is small so it’s the perfect setting for two people though it might be difficult to … More Dining at D + N