Behind the Smoke

Through our social media, we often hear about chefs setting up pop-up kitchens in NYC and beyond.  Last week, Kimchi Smoke, which blends Korean favorites with smoked meats, popped up on the Lower East Side at the Old Bowery Station. The hungrier half of FP (Allen) decided to stop by and satisfy his craving for the much-anticipated Ramen … More Behind the Smoke

To the Max

This season of the Chopped Teen Tournament has its share of great quotes, dishes and competitors. We’ve learned that these teen contestants not only have culinary skills but also have deep passions in other areas as well. With a cake business and a gluten-free cookbook in the works, Max Aronson is definitely taking his talents … More To the Max

Through the Tunnel

A close friend of ours recently moved to Hoboken, which gives us a great excuse to take the tunnel into NJ and visit the happening city across the water. With tons of choices along Washington Street, our initial plan was to eat brunch at Amanda’s… but when we arrived it was packed with RSVP’s for the … More Through the Tunnel